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Learn New Skills and Make New Friends at Summer Camp!

Does your child have a passion for sports and a competitive streak? If so, then Bill Noble Park is the place for summer camp! We provide a safe and exciting environment to learn new sports skills, meet like-minded kids, and build lasting relationships.

Bill Noble Park has activities to suit everyone, from beginner to expert. Whether your child is looking to get into a team sport like soccer or baseball, practice their serves and swings, or just have fun with brand-new pals – there’s something here for everyone.

They will be able to improve their sporting skills and make new friendships along the way. Our inclusive environment is full of friendly coaches and camper who are passionate about a healthy, active lifestyle and having a good time. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level – making it easy to jump right on in!

As well as providing excellent coaching and support, Bill Noble Park also strives to give children exposure to new activities. So whether they’re in it for the competition or looking to try something new– come join us for summer camp and take part in having some active fun!