Bill Noble Park has Community in Mind

Building up Other Organizations in Our Community

(Gardendale, Ala.) April 10, 2024– Watching the eclipse on the football field while eating Green Top BBQ or a treat from Pandy’s Sno Biz & Treats was not the only highlight of April 8th for the Gardendale Community. Between the hours of 12pm and 4pm Bill Noble Park hosted a canned food drive to help replenish the inventory of the Food Pantry located at the Gardendale Public Library. With short notice of the need, the team at Bill Noble pulled together the details to try and make it a successful event.

“The Gardendale community showed up and showed out! We knew they would, they always do ad it was amazing to see. Even when we ran out of glasses, the community didn’t hesitate. They gave without getting anything in return and that truly shows the love and passion this community has for one another” said Local Programming and Special Events Manager, Jessica Mahaffey.

The community started showing support over the weekend prior to the event and well past its “ending time”. Community members were able to donate over 400 canned food items that will be available in the Gardendale Public Library’s food pantry. “We really appreciate Bill Noble Park for recognizing the need for helping to fill our Community Food Pantry. When they contacted the Gardendale Library about combining an event like The Eclipse with supplying the food pantry there was no hesitation. The community really showed up. Gardendale always has a big heart. Even when the eclipse glasses ran out, people still gave donations. This will help fill the needs for many families” said Gardendale Public Library Director, Connie Smith.

Bill Noble Park is hoping to further partner with local organizations and businesses to help better the community. The next major partnership event will be held on April 27th & 28th, the 10th Annual Strike Out for Cancer Event. This year it will be a two-day tournament style for local baseball and softball teams to help raise money for the American Cancer Society.

“Bill Noble Park is based on community and hosting these types of events give us a chance to interact with our local community that might not be involved in one of our sports programs” said Caeley Guthrie, Marketing & Customer Relations Manager.

For more information about upcoming programs, the event calendar or booking special events, please visit Bill Noble Park’s website.